Painless Root Canal

Dr Nidhi Gupta does Single Visit Painless Root Canal Treatment.

Invisalign - Invisible Braces

Dr Anurag Gupta is one of the select few Certified Invisalign Provider in North India.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Maximus Dental centre is equipped with Phillips ZOOM!

Welcome to Maximus Specialist TM Dental Center

Welcome to Maximus Dental Centers which are best dental clinics in Delhi.  State of art multi-specialty dental care centres where under one roof, specialists like Best Dentist in Delhi, Best Dentist in Central Delhi, Best orthodontist in South Delhi, cosmetic dentist in Delhi and Root canal dentists in Central Delhi and endodontist in Delhi, strive hard to give you a Painless Dental Treatment Experience.

We follow a Trident Mantra of Precision, Comfort and Express.

Precision: At Maximus Dental Centers, Best Dentist in South Delhi and Central Delhi are very experienced in their individual specialties and use latest technology available globally to do most accurate and precise treatment. Each and every equipment and material used in this clinic conforms to international standards. Our sterilization protocol matches internationally accepted vigorous WHO recommended 8-step procedure.

Comfort: It is a constant endeavour of our clinical and auxiliary staff, to make your dental visit more pleasant and comfortable. The ambience, soft music, friendly staff, relaxed environment and painless treatment procedures make your dental visit a memorable one. Nervous patients feel ‘at-home’ in the calm and non-hospital like environment at these centres.

Express: We value your time and provide you the fastest and most efficient treatment procedures. Maximus Dental, the Best Dental Clinic in Delhi are fully equipped to provide treatment to Diplomatic, expat and NRI clients apart from local patients in shortest time possible. Our painless treatment procedures entail lesser chairside time and lesser dental visits.

We have collaborated with the best dental labs in the country and aboard to provide quicker service to our patients.

Commencing from your first dental examination to your last take-home oral hygiene instructions, you will feel absolutely comfortable, unlike any other dreadful, painful and unsettling dental visit. You will be able to relax in the spacious waiting area that is so vibrant with colors, that thought of a dental visit will not bring jitters.

Our friendly and informed staff will help you with routine and your special requests. They will take you for a clinic tour to educate you about our procedures. We practice ethical, specialist, premium quality and express dentistry. And our charges are also amazingly affordable!

At Maximus Dental, the best dental clinics in Delhi, we emphasize on personalized dental care for every patient. Be it Painless root canal treatment or be it Teeth Whitening, or Invisible Braces treatment, our best dentists are always at your service. We are Best dental clinic in Delhi to offer everything right from dental implants to teeth whitening and smile makeovers. Our treatment will surely make you feel younger and fresh.

We know how people get scared to visit dentists; worry not, as our Best orthodontist in Delhi and Best Dental Implants in delhi will offer complete comfort, so that all the anxiety and stress is driven away. We assure you the best dental experience ever.

Dr Anurag gupta

Anurag-GuptaDr Anurag is Chief Orthodontist and Implantologist at this centre. He is one the select few certified INVISALIGN provider in North India. He has been practicing Invisible braces (Lingual orthodontics) for 10 years now and has done a 500+ cases in this modality.He is Best Orthodontist in Delhi and Provides Best Lingual braces in Delhi.

He is a member of Indian Dental Association and Indian Orthodontic Society. He did his Bachelors in Dentistry from prestigious Government Dental College, Mumbai and followed up with Masters in Orthodontics from Nagpur University. He did his minor dissertation in ‘Invisible (Lingual) Orthodontics’. His major dissertation saw him developing India’s first 3D FEM model of TMJ in dentistry. He is a proud recipient of two national level awards including the prestigious JG Kanappan award for Best dissertation in Orthodontics. He has worked for nearly 3 years at the India’s premier health care institute, the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi as Scientist and Orthodontist. Here he concentrated on Express Orthodontic treatment with Self Ligating Braces. He is a proud contributor of many chapters in Textbook of Orthodontics published by Elseviers publications, USA.

He also has keen interest in Laser Dentistry and is a member of Academy of Laser Dentistry Florida, USA. He provides LANAP treatments at this centre and has been able to conserve teeth affected by end stage gum disease. He has won the award of Best Orthodontist in Delhi in 2016.

Our Advantages

Advantage Experience

Houses only experienced post graduate specialists who are conversant with latest tools in dentistry to provide the most precise treatment.

Advantage technology

Use of Apex locators (Propex), Digital dental X-rays (RVG)(Kodak), rotary instruments (X-smart), magnified vision (Loupes), Full mouth X ray (OPG), CT machine, invisible orthodontics etc are a routine at this clinic.

Advantage Safety

Our digital X-ray systems (Satelac) are the safest in the world with 95% less radiation. Our digital RVG sensor further reduces 40% of the radation, making it even safer.

Advantage diversity

Our patient base is from all age groups, multiethnic, multicultural and from different geographical locations. Superior performance in this diversity is what makes us unique.

Success Stories

Before Single Tooth Dental Treatment
After Single Tooth Dental Treatment
Single tooth metal free caramic crown

K T, 39/F

Problem: Treatment of badly broken down and root canal treated front tooth.

A 39 yrs old IAS Officer, had previously root canal treated and capped front tooth. The previous capping was metal ceramic (PFM) that degraded due to rust and caused discoloration of remaining tooth structure. There was also resultant inection in the tooth.

The old Metal ceramic crown was removed, Repeat root canal treatment was performed and a new metal free all ceramic crown was given.

Before Tooth Replacement Treatment
After Tooth Replacement Treatment
Case of Implant supported fixed teeth

Mrs M A 55 / F Tooth replacement with implant supported teeth.

A 55 yrs old woman with chronically missing back teeth, reported to Maximus Dental wanting tooth replacement. She chose implants over other points.Three Nobel Biocare implants were palced on the left side of lower jaw. 3months later X rays shows good take of the implants by the bone. Healing abutments in place. These were later restored with mental ceramic crowns. Thus bilateral occlusion was achieved now she can chew well from both sides.

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