Bleeding Gumproblem

Bleeding Gumproblem : FAQs

Q1. Why do gums bleed?

4A: Bleeding gums is not a diseases in itself, but is actually a symptom of gum inflammation/ infection called as gingivitis. This can occur while chewing on hard fibrous food, while tooth brushing and sometimes in severe cases on its own.

Q2. I brush twice a day, yet my gums still bleed. Why?

A. Frequency of brushing has very little to do with this problem, but the technique and type of toothbrush has a lot to do with it.

Q3. I use mouthwash daily, yet my gums bleed off and on. Why?

A. General purpose mouthwashes have a limited role in gum problem. They may be antiplaque in most cases. But overdependence on these, removes the focus from brushing habit.

Q4. I get dental cleaning regularly, but very soon after the procedure my gums start to bleed again. Why?

A. While dental cleaning or scaling has an important role in treatment of gum disease, it cannot singularly cannot always help in curing gums infection. Frequent repeated scaling may be sometimes be more harmful.

Q5. I have been advised gum surgery for my bleeding gum problem. I’m scared. What other options do I have?

A. Symptoms of bleeding gums, swollen gums and pain in gums may sometimes be persistent and point towards a more severe underlying gum infection. Traditionally gum surgery have been the treatment of choice for such problems. Nowadays Laser gum treatment has shown to give good results non-surgically.

Q6. How effective are laser treatment for gum problems?

5A: Lasers have been around for 6-8 years and are now been increasingly being used to treat symptoms of bleeding gums with good success.

Author: Dr Anurag Gupta is a Laser dentist at Maximus Dental.

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