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Maximus Dental is a one stop clinic for all dental problems, and is equipped with latest state of art equipment to give you a seamless pleasant dental experience.  A Spacious waiting lounge is so tastefully designed that patients do not feel that they are sitting in a dental clinic. Fearful patients love our ambience. Do check out the facilities offered.

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Maximus Dental being a specialty dental clinic prefers patients by appointment. This ensures that each patient receives the appropriate time and attention he/she deserves.

Being a hygienic clinic of world standard, we expect patients to either wear shoecovers or change into clinic footwear available at the entrance.

A cheerful clinic manager is waiting to greet patients and guide them through the mandatory registration process. After that the appointed doctor examines the patient in designated operatory. Each dentist is trained to give a patient hearing and understand the patient’s complain. Necessary examination is done and needful xrays are made. Full mouth OPG and CT facility makes it easy for patient to start treatment immediately, and he / she doesnot have to go to an Xray centre for such specialized X rays.

Maximus Dental is equipped with latest Surgical Microscope, Zoom Whitening, Piezosurgery unit, Dental Laser, Implant physio unit and Top end RVG units to give our patients the Cutting Edge dental technology, which is ably used by Trained Specialists. It is #certifiedinvisalignprovider center, bone harvesting and specialized operatory of all minor surgical OT work.

All specialist doctors are trained in top colleges of the country like AIIMS, Safdarjung Hospital, Maulana Azad Institute of Dental Sciences (MAMC – MAIDS). Cumulative experience of doctors at #bestdentalclinicindelhi is nearly 60 years.

Maximus Dental is #bestdentalclinicindelhi because it has not just latest technology but also the specialization to use the technology.

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