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Accelerated or Express orthodontics addresses the straightening, spacing, closing of gaps and repositioning of your front teeth. The result is fast, usually only three to eight months. Also referred to as ‘6 months smile’ treatment.

Accelerated orthodontics uses proven orthodontic and periodontic techniques. There is minor in-office procedure in addition to conventional orthodontic treatment. Techniques to “slim” or reduce the widths of your teeth provide the space needed to correct any crowding of your teeth.

In some cases minor periodontic procedures or osteotomy procedures may be required to speed up the treatment.

For more complicated cases, Dr Anurag Gupta who is Best Orthodontist in delhi, provides the option of Express Braces, wherein, the treatment usually takes 30-40% lesser time. These Express braces are state of the art Self Locking (Self Ligating) braces (Smart-clip,3M and In-ovation, Dentsply) hat provide lower friction and faster tooth movement.

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Dr Anurag Gupta is staunch believer of non-extraction modality of orthodontic treatment. In providing #expressorthodontic #expressbraces treatment, he usually advocates doesnot extract teeth..

Advantages of accelerated orthodontics

The biggest advantage is the three to eight months it takes to have a great smile, versus one to three years with traditional braces. Your teeth are assisted in moving faster with little loss of either root or bone support as with previous methods.

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