Invisible braces

It is never too late to have a great confident smile. For adults who have missed dental braces treatment in childhood may be due to neglect, poor advice or fear of extraction, Invisible dental braces technology brings back hope to have a great confident smile.


Adults suffering from poor smile


Bad Bite


Many times bad bite in adults lead to wearing down of teeth or joint pain near the ear. Such people benefit greatly with lingual braces treatment.

Many adults have not improved their smiles due to social restriction of visible braces are now ecstatic about lingual braces which are placed from behind and completely invisible.

Earlier ceramic braces were incorrectly thought to be invisible braces but these are partly visible.

The lingual braces treatment is not only faster but also most of time teeth need not be removed in the process (Nonextraction braces). Many patients, who came in nick of time just a few months before their marriage, got a beautiful bride smile just in time.


Generally, people from age range of 20 to 60 years have got such treatment done. There is no age restriction, but your xrays determine the applicability for treatment.

Lingual braces are very comfortable and do not affect normal speech. Patients do not have ulcers or discomfort with lingual braces as is commonly perceived.


Before treatment


After treatment

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