Non Extraction braces

Fear of extraction of 4 teeth in braces treatment is very common in people and justified also. In older times, majority of dental braces patients had routine extraction of 4 teeth, which in turn made people believe that braces treatment cannot be done without such extractions. When extractions are done, dark spaces appear in the corner of mouth after treatment in most of the cases. This give a constricted smile appearance. It reduces the beauty of the smile. Many times over zealous extractions can lead to flat facial appearance.


Many times more than necessary spaces are created by extractions, which may remain open even after correction of teeth position has taken place. In some cases , extraction spaces may open up some weeks/ months after braces are removed.

But currently the technology is much improved and we are able to avoid extractions in almost 90-95% cases. Doing a non extraction treatment has a very favorable effect of giving the patient a fuller smile.

With some advanced braces systems like DAMON and lingual braces, we can convert a borderline extraction case into on extraction. Non extraction treatment is far more acceptable by kids and parents alike. Non extraction treatments are faster and less painful also.


Some finished NON EXTRACTION cases of Dr Anurag Gupta, Maximus Dental.

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