Get rid of persistent pain after Root canal treatment

Very commonly it is seen that a patient had a root canal treatment and still the tooth is painful/ cannot be used after several weeks and months. Already Root canal treatment has been one the most feared and dreaded dental procedure among people. And over that the patient still cannot eat properly from that tooth is all the more disturbing.

About 30-40% of cases fail in first 1-2 years of initial procedure, for which a repeat root canal treatment is advised. And in many more cases the extraction is advised for such teeth.

The Causes of persistent pain after RCT are usually the following:

  1. Incomplete cleaning of root canals
  2. Failure to identify one or more root canals
  3. Fracture of the tooth root
  4. Overinstrumentation and trauma to tissues around root apex
  5. Over filling or under filling of the root canal

Root canal treatment is also traditionally a blind procedure as the doctor can only rely on Xrays but cannot see inside the root. But when done under a surgical operating microscope so it is not blind anymore. This ensures that the inside of the root is cleaned properly and the chances of error are negligible. All the above problems can be tackled with experience, expertise, proper instruments and technology like microscope. Abnormal anatomical features within the root can be better treated under microscope.

And thus people do not have post operative/ lingering pain after RCT session.

Root canal specialists, or Endodontists are dentists who specialize in doing RCTs and know the inside anatomy of the root better than general dentists. They are trained to work with computerized Root canal instruments, making the root canal treatment procedure painless, precise, fast and more effective.


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