“The purpose of human life is to serve, and to show compassion and the will to help others.”

Albert Schweitzer

There are innumerable people around the world who are just so scared of the word “DENTAL”, let alone going in for dental treatment. This “Phobia” of dentists is so strong that they prefer to suffer from poor dental health, missing teeth and take repeated painkillers, than go for a proper dental treatment.

It usually starts either from a bad and painful dental experience or hearing from somebody that so and so treatment is painful. Such people are obviously at a loss because they shut their doors to the newer advances and methods in dentistry, for no fault of theirs!

Painless method of dental treatments are now availalble and it all starts with a compassionate, experienced and skilled dentist. Many times a good dentist is all that is needed to make it all easy.

Painless Root canal treatment, dental implants and even extractions are now possible with correct diagnosis, updates skill and latest technology.

1Mrs Kavyanjali , 52 yrs old, resident of South Delhi, was having trouble chewing food due to multiple missing teeth. She was very scared of painful dental procedures, esp, Dental implants and Root canal treatment. And thus she avoided visiting dentists but needed dental treatment badly.

She was referred to Maximus Dental by an existing patient. Here, doctors follow a very holistic, systematic yet compassionate approach to dental treatments. Dr Nidhi and Dr Anurag built a healthy rapport and within few sittings, Mrs Kavyanjali, ended up completing her entire dental treatment which included 8 dental implants, multiple RCTs and 16 teeth crowns and bridges.

She now can happily and confidently say that dental treatment is not at all painful!

Treating doctors: Dr Nidhi Gupta and Dr Anurag Gupta

Options for missing teeth

  • PAINLESS Dental Implants
  • PAINLESS single sitting micro- RCT
  • PAINLESS Crown and bridges

It is not just important which treatment is being given; what’s equally rather more important is how it is being given and what experience our patients carry back.

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