Single visit Root canal treatment

6Root canal treatment or RCT as it is popularly known, has been one the most feared and dreaded dental procedure among people. Traditionally Root canal treatment has consumed 2-5 sittings to complete one tooth. And many of these sittings always used to be painful. Many patients literally used to jump out of the dental chair!

So much so, that dentists used to rather extract the tooth altogether, than saving it with RCT.

This was primarily because RCT previously been a blind procedure as the doctor can only rely on x-rays but cannot see inside the root. So dentist could only rely on symptoms and indirect evidences to decide on completion of RCT.

7But nowadays, root canal treatment done by Root canal specialists, also called Endodontists, and is done under a surgical operating microscope so it is not blind anymore. Here the treating doctor can actually see the inside of the root canal and be sure.

Additionally, computerized RCT instruments called Rotary endodontics and apex locators, help the doctor in doing high precision RCT in a single visit. Lasers may also be used to improve the success.

Almost 99% RCT cases can be done in single visit. Only in some specific, repeat RCT and extreme circumstances, do endodontists need to give multiple sittings.

Root canal treatment should and can always painless and comfortable. Such is the effectiveness and efficacy of a good RCT that mostly only an odd painkiller may be needed post operatively. No need for antibiotics. So find a good RCT specialist for a painless RCT experience.

Author Dr Nidhi Gupta, MDS is an award winning Root canal specialist at Maximus Dental and uses a surgical microscope and computerized instruments to routinely give single sitting RCT treatments.

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