Dr Anurag gupta


Dr Anurag gupta

Dr Anurag is Chief Orthodontist and Implantologist at this centre. He is one the select few certified INVISALIGN provider in North India. He has been practicing Invisible braces (Lingual orthodontics) for 7 years now and has done a 300+ cases in this modality. He is a member of Indian Dental Association and Indian Orthodontic Society….


Dr Nidhi Gupta

Dr Nidhi Gupta is a Consultant Conservative Dentist, Endodontist and Chief Cosmetic Dentist at this centre. She specializes in Microscope assisted Root Canal treatment and Laser assisted Root canal treatment. She is a strong advocate of Single Visit Root Canal Treatment philosophy. She finished her Post Graduation from internationally acclaimed Nair Dental College & Hospital,…


Dr Shailesh Sharma

Dr Shailesh Sharma is a Senior Implantologist and dental surgeon at Maximus Dental Centers. He has clinical experience of 15 plus years and is trained in Dental Implants from Osstem, Korea. He also is a trained Cosmetic Dentist from NYU, US. Dr Shailesh Sharma has keen interest in Root Canal Treatment and has had advanced…


Dr Jatin Kalra

Dr Jatin Kalra is Senior Oral & Maxillofacial surgeon at Maximus Dental Centers. He does jaw surgeries, wisdom teeth surgeries, cyst removal and Dental Implants.


Dr Gaurav Kharbanda

Dr Gaurav Kharbanda is a Consultant Prosthodontist at Maximus Dental Centers.

Dr Neelam Gupta

Dr Neelam Gupta is a Consultant Prosthodontist and Oral Rehablitation expert.

Dr Himanshu

Dr Himanshu is consultant Periodontist and gums specialist at this centre.

Dr Vivek Mehta

Dr Vivek Mehta is Consultant Pedodontist and takes care of children’s teeth at this centre.

Dr Jitin Kharbanda

Dr Jitin Kharbanda is Consultant Oral pathologist and oral cancer specialist. He does the intra-oral biopsies and cancer screening in co-ordination with the oral surgeon at this centre.

Dr Yasmin Khan

Dr Yasmin Khan is a Senior Dental Surgeon. She has worked for several years in Saudi Arabia and confident in treating expatriate patients.

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