Sterilization and Hygiene

We understand that getting any form of health care procedure in a foreign country is never an easy decision for anybody. When it comes to health, one always thinks about hygiene.

We at Maximüs SpécialistTM Dental Cënter Dental help you decide what’s best for your oral health when you are in our country. We follow globally accepted, CDC(Atlanta) recommended, 5-step sterilization protocol, so that rest assured, you will not take any infection from here.

The vigorous 5-step sterilization protocol followed in a separately relegated sterilization chamber makes our procedures 100% free from infection. Our operatories are fumigated regularly to keep them germ free. We use disposable instruments and change linen in between patients.

We prevent AIDS by destroying used needles and syringes

A peep in to the sterilization room provides a brief overview of the hygiene Protocols followed at this centre.

Instruments sealed in pouches and ready to be autoclaved.

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