Single tooth metal free caramic crown

Single tooth metal free caramic crown

K T, 39/F

Problem: Treatment of badly broken down and root canal treated front tooth.

A 39 yrs old IAS Officer, had previously root canal treated and capped front tooth. The previous capping was metal ceramic (PFM) that degraded due to rust and caused discoloration of remaining tooth structure. There was also resultant inection in the tooth.

The old Metal ceramic crown was removed, Repeat root canal treatment was performed and a new metal free all ceramic crown was given.

Case of Implant supported fixed teeth

Mrs M A 55 / F Tooth replacement with implant supported teeth.

A 55 yrs old woman with chronically missing back teeth, reported to Maximus Dental wanting tooth replacement. She chose implants over other points.Three Nobel Biocare implants were palced on the left side of lower jaw. 3months later X rays shows good take of the implants by the bone. Healing abutments in place. These were later restored with mental ceramic crowns. Thus bilateral occlusion was achieved now she can chew well from both sides.

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