Root canal treatment or RCT as it is popularly known, has been one the most feared and dreaded dental procedure among people. Root canal treatment is also traditionally a blind procedure as the doctor can only rely on xrays but cannot see inside the root. About 30% of cases fail in first 1-2 years of initial procedure, for which a repeat root canal treatment is advised.

Root canal treatment when done under a surgical operating microscope so it is not blind anymore. This ensures that the inside of the root is cleaned properly and thus people do not have post operative/ lingering pain after RCT session.

3Abnormal anatomical features with in the root can be better treated under microscope.

Root canal specialists, or Endodontists are dentists who specialize in doing RCTs and know the inside anatomy of the root better than generalists.

Dr Nidhi Gupta of Maximus Dental, uses computerized instruments and Surgical operating microscope to give her RCTs an unmatched precision and quality.

Along with the unmatched precision, dingle visit Root canal treatment is a norm when treating under microscope unlike 3-5 visits that is usually taken elsewhere.

It is not just important which treatment is being given; what’s equally rather more important is how it is being given and what experience our patients carry back.

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